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Freeform Jump GP

Freeform Jump GP

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Freeform Treeless Dressage Saddle

Specialised Freeform Jumping Saddle 

This stylish Freeform treeless dressage saddle features a soft, comfortable, jumping seat and flaps. Beautiful contrast stitching, light and comfortable.

BASE: Jumping (Short Back 51cm/20")

Seat: Jumping 17.5" 


  • T-Buckle Freeform stirrup leathers on velcro adjustable mount for custom leg positioning
  • removable/interchangeable seat (flap and seat is all one piece)
  • black Sympanova lining


  • 9cm wither cutback to enable fit on a variety of horses including on high withers
  • black Italian leather
  • Fast-change girthing billets (three positions)

Standard Features on all Freeform Saddles

Flexible Aluminium Arch

A flexible aluminium arch in the pommel section of the detachable seat provides a self adjusting fit to suit a variety of horse shapes. It aids wither clearance and adjusts automatically with both the movement and shape of the horse. Freeform saddles are totally tree-free, with flexibility throughout the entire saddle, but do not collapse in the pommel arch over time and use.

When transferring your saddle from a very wide bodied horse to a narrow horse, simply remove the detachable seat (which is attached with very strong Velcro), gently squeeze the pommel arch together, and then re-fix the seat to your saddle base. The pommel will automatically adjust to the shape of the horse.

Adjustable stirrup attachment

A fully adjustable stirrup position allows the rider to place their stirrups so the ideal jumping position can be easily achieved, with balance and comfort for rider and horse. This adjustable stirrup attachment is designed to allow different stirrup positions, from jumping to classical dressage on all saddle models. Adjust your stirrup placement by simply moving the Velcro attachment forward or back on the base. All D rings/buckles used are stainless steel.


The self adjusting girthing system is a self-swinging arrangement and fits most horse conformations, this positions the girth automatically in the girth groove irrespective of where the saddle is placed on the horse.

The internal section of the girthing is set on a “Y” system to help distribute the pressure over the bearing area of the saddle and assist in saddle stability.
This design also ensure that the stirrup and girthing arrangement do not attach at the same point, thereby preventing pressure from radiating at one point on the horse's back. Our fast-change girth billets are three rings and an easy billet strap you can swap positions with for ultimate saddle fit. 

 Price includes postage anywhere in Australia. New Zealand customers - please contact us for a quote as additional shipping charges will apply. 

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