How long do custom or made-to-order saddles take?

Please allow up to 12 weeks. 

Where are the saddles made?

Lendinara, Italy, at Le Selle Italiane. The materials are sourced in Italy/Europe and saddles are imported to Australia throughout the year. 

What colours can I choose from?

Most customers order in black or brown, please contact us for a current colour chart for other current colours or patterned leather options. 

What are Freeform Saddles made from?

Choose from Italian calfskin, Italian leather, synthetic/vegan leather, suede or Nubuck. 

What sizes do Freeform Treeless saddles come in?

Base Length is measured down the centreline on the underside of the saddle.

XSB (Extra Short Back): 47cm

SB (Short Back): 51cm 

STD (Standard): 56cm

Seat sizes range from 15" to 19" for most models. Please note, some seats such as Scout Trail Seats run in different sizing. Please contact us to assist with sizing for this model. 

Short back bases can take a seat up to 17.5". 

Do you help with fitting?

Yes, we offer remote fitting support whether you are ordering a custom saddle and want help once it arrives, or if you're not sure which base/seat/pad you need for you and your horse. Please contact us to discuss your needs. All new saddles purchased include free after-purchase fitting support. 

What customisations can I ask for?

We can arrange the perfect stirrup or fender length, tooling on leather (only available on leather flaps and fenders, not calfskin), seat size, base length, colour,  leather/suede/nubuck/calfskin/synthetic/vegan materials, and you can mix and match a number of seat and base styles to suit your needs. You can also choose how many D-rings you'd like and where they are placed, your girth billet style and positioning (English 2 buckle, fast change 3 buckle, centerfire). All saddles have a standard 9cm wither cutback, a 13cm cutback is available for made to order saddles.

Why should I try a treeless saddle?

Freeform treeless saddles have a flexible seat and base, with enough structure to ensure stability and weight distribution. Treeless saddles move with the horse, they enable the shoulder (scapula) to move freely, and you will be riding on the horse, able to feel their movement, not "above" the horse. Our treeless saddles are flexible, yet supportive. High quality foam in the base and seats ensure comfort and a saddle that moulds to fit your horse. The pommel has a flexible aluminium arch. The seats and stirrups are removable and attach with a strong velcro adhesion. Wither clearance is achieved by the shape of the base, the flexible pommel and a wither cutback. Freeform treeless saddles are light, and due to the absence of a tree, they allow more natural, free movement for your horse, notably for the shoulder. 

Freeform Saddles are renowned worldwide for their durability, their ability to fit a wide variety of horse shapes, their comfort, quality and huge range of styles, colours and designs. 

What about spinal clearance and pressure?

Freeform Saddles are designed to sit you in the optimal riding position, for balance and for your horse's movement and comfort. Your weight will be placed where you would ride bareback, which avoids pressure too far back on the 14th thoracic vertebrae and yet still allowing ample shoulder movement and no pinching on the wither. Many customers who transition to Freeform Saddles do so because of ongoing problems fitting their horse, their horse's movement being restricted by saddle fit, or ongoing pain for their horse with a treed saddle. Horses change over time and your Freeform saddle can change with your horse moulding and adjusting to their shape and size. 

Spinal clearance is achieved with firstly the rider's weight being spread via their seat, either side of the spine, then by using a treeless pad, with a channel down the centre, the weight is distributed away from the spine. Heavier riders can also choose to add a special bolster to each side of the base to spread the weight more evenly, or add panels underneath the base for horses with inadequate topline, or a shape/rider weight that needs better clearance than a pad alone.