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Official distributor for Freeform treeless saddles and accessories. Order from our in-stock saddles, or arrange your perfect custom saddle. Freeform saddles are handcrafted in Italy, from the finest Italian leather. Freeform saddle models include designs suited to Dressage, Jumping, Western, Trail, Endurance and Ponies.

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Made To Order Saddles

We take orders all year round to create a masterpiece for you in Italy, customised to your requirements. The majority of our saddles sold in Australia are made-to-order to ensure you are set up with the perfect Freeform Treeless saddle for your horse or pony.

  • Wither Cutback

    Freeform saddle bases now come with a 9cm wither cutback (nose job) as standard, with 13cm also available, enabing enhanced fitting for high withered horses and wither relief for all horses. The freedom of Freeform!

  • Fast Change Girthing System

    Quick, adjustable girthing billets for English models to enhance fit and balance. Girth points are stitched on a 'Y' pattern to ensure even pressure spread across the horse's back.

  • Adjustable Stirrups

    Easily achieve shoulder/hip/heel alignment, balance, and a centered seat with fully adjustable stirrup positioning, now standard with Freeform saddles.

Enduro Base + Trail Seat = Comfort and Freedom $2900

Endurance riders love the simplicity of our Enduro base and the comfort of the Trail seat. This Freeform Treeless saddle suits a range of shapes, with a 9cm wither cutback.