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Official distributor for Freeform treeless saddles and accessories in Australia. Custom, made-to-order saddles from Italy, hand crafted from the finest Italian leather. Saddles for Dressage, Jumping, Western, Trail, Endurance, Pony Club and general riding.

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  • Wither Cutback

    Freeform saddle bases now come with a 9cm wither cutback (nose job) as standard, with 13cm also available, enabing enhanced fitting for high withered horses and wither relief for all horses. The freedom of Freeform!

  • Fast Change Girthing System

    Quick, adjustable girthing billets for English models to enhance fit and balance. Girth points are stitched on a 'Y' pattern to ensure even pressure spread across the horse's back.

  • Adjustable Stirrups

    Easily achieve shoulder/hip/heel alignment, balance, and a centered seat with fully adjustable stirrup positioning, now standard with Freeform saddles.