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Freeform Enduro Saddle Pad Short Back

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Freeform Enduro Short Back Pads are saddle pads suitable for treeless saddles and treed saddles. 60cm from front to back.


Freeform saddle pads were designed to replace the popular HAF saddle pads. When HAF saddle pad company went out of business, it left a gap in the treeless pad market. Paulita Neff from the USA spent two years redesigning the pad and adding many improvements: high wither relief, higher quality foam, a strong sympanova underlay - or NEW 100% wool fleece backing (by special order), and top quality craftsmanship.

As with Freeform Saddles, these pads are made in Italy, exclusively for Freeform. We have them in stock, in Australia so you can grab one right away. 


The special open cell foam allows efficient perspiration over the horse's back, drastically reducing the accumulation of body heat and humidity under the saddle. The pad has a velcro opening to remove or replace your inserts and add shims, if needed.

Simply hose to clean,  or wash it in your machine on a gentle cycle. The Upper material is a air-net type material permitting nearly immediate transpiration. Ideal for the hot Aussie climate, endurance riding and trail riding.


Freeform Enduro Short Back pad measures 24" long x 15" flap.  High wither relief, Sympanova backing, 100% polyester air net fabric on top. Easy care, washable.