Saddle Models

Freeform Treeless Saddle Models

Freeform Treeless saddles are designed to incorporate a base and a seat which are interchangeable.  This enables you to swap seats for different riders, horses and pursuits. A mix-and-match system using industrial strength, secure velcro and a foam-injected, moulded seat which is padded, holds its form and has a flexible aluminium arch built in for wither clearance and strength. 

Pictured below is a Freeform Elite Dressage treeless saddle, showing the removable seat, on a base with knee rolls, D-rings in black calfskin. 

Below are examples of some of the standard models available. It is possible to create other combinations of seats and bases, and there are new options being designed taking into account the feedback of our customers. Please note that some seats including Scout, Scout Extreme and PJ Pathfinder seats are not interchangeable, these seats and bases are a unique design for those saddle models.

Custom options are available for leather colours, vegan (synthetic) materials, piping, stitching and tooling if you'd like to pull together a custom design for your Freeform Treeless Saddle.  

This gallery is a sample of the options available, we have new models being developed and this gallery will be updated with more samples regularly.  


Base Length is measured down the centreline on the underside of the saddle.

XSB (Extra Short Back): 47cm

SB (Short Back): 51cm 

STD (Standard): 56cm

Seat sizes range from 15" to 19" for most models. Please note, some seats such as Scout Trail Seats run in different sizing. Please contact us to assist with sizing for this model. 

Short back bases can take a seat up to 17.5". 

All saddles come with a 9cm wither cutback, 13cm is also available for made to order saddles.